Dragon Ball Super Is Reminding Us Why Vegeta Should Be the Best Saiyan Fighter

Dragon Ball Super isn't shy about its thing for Saiyans, but when the story is all over, Goku [...]

Dragon Ball Super isn't shy about its thing for Saiyans, but when the story is all over, Goku knows he is going to come out as the favorite. The hero has been the franchise's focus for decades, and Vegeta hasn't been able to compete with that. But thanks to a new chapter, Dragon Ball Super has given fans a taste of what the series might be like if Vegeta was given his due.

The whole thing played out in Dragon Ball Super chapter 74. It was there fans watched as Vegeta and Granolah began their one-on-one battle, and things got out of hand very quickly. After all, Granolah was quick to grandstand at the start, but Vegeta took away his confidence before the chapter ended.

Dragon Ball Super Spoilers Vegeta Granolah Fight Winner
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And how did that happen? Well, it all comes down to observation. Vegeta went so far as to agree Granolah was stronger than him, but the Saiyan pointed out that truth is fleeting.

"You're clearly not used to your power. You are majorly lacking in the battle experience to back it up," Vegeta says after watching his opponent in battle. "You may be stronger, but that's no guarantee that I'll lose to you!"

This strategy is pretty surprising for a Saiyan, and Vegeta would be the first to agree. The man knows Saiyans are savages at heart who love to battle, but Vegeta overcame that base need to fight in this battle. He even went so far as to antagonize Granolah to his limits by bringing up his culled race and time-sensitive wish. After all, Granolah did wish to become the most powerful during the Dragon Balls, and it worked. The sniper is the most powerful man in the universe... but there is nothing stopping another fighter from usurping that spot.

Now, Vegeta is determined to show Granolah that power is nothing in the eye of experience. His new form will make quick work of the lesson, but Vegeta's victory is not guaranteed. Granolah must have more up his sleeves, and fans will discover those tricks before much longer.

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