'Dragon Ball Super' Just Revealed One of the Series' Most Gruesome Deaths

The latest issue of Dragon Ball Super's manga sees Goku and Vegeta in a full-fledged battle with [...]

The latest issue of Dragon Ball Super's manga sees Goku and Vegeta in a full-fledged battle with new series villain Moro, in attempt to save New Namek from the horrific fate of having its life force drained by the 'Planet-Eater' sorcerer, and its Dragon Balls stolen. The fight does not go well at all, as Moro reveals the ability to drain Goku and Vegeta's Super Saiyan energies, leaving them with nothing but their base form powers, against an opponent who couldn't even be touched without a Super Saiyan Blue power boost.

Moro makes quick work of Vegeta and Goku, not just beating them ruthlessly, but then taking their beaten bodies and draining them of their remaining energies, leaving both Saiyan warriors on the brink of death! That's not even the worst thing that Moro does in the issue - not even close!

Goku and Vegeta are left comatose for three full days before the Namekians and their healer manage to fix them up. In that time, the Namekians have launched their own countermeasures to stop Moro, by taking the strongest Namek warriors from each village, and fusing dozens of them together into one Super Namekian warrior. By the time Goku and Vegeta wake up, The Super Namekain is already flying for the village of Tsuburi, intent on taking the fight right to Moro, as the evil sorcerer is using the molten core of the planet as a fire pit to sadistically roast Namekian villagers, until he can claim a fourth Namekian Dragon Ball. With the passion and strength of his people behind him, the Super Namekian warriror flies into Tsuburi, and after one last fusion power-up with four more warriors, he launches a furious attack at Moro...

...Only to have the villain gruesomely murder him with barely a look!

In what is easily one of Dragon Ball's most shocking and gruesome deaths, Moro punches a whole right through the Super Namekian warrior's abdomen, impaling him in a bloody display of horror and gore. Even worse than that is how Moro adds insult to injury with his trash-talking boast:

"Was *this* your savior, by chance? Apologies. He was dead before I could even see his face."

This issue has cemented Moro as one of the most ruthless Dragon Ball villains ever, and fans are loving it (for the most part)! Were you shocked by how the issue ended with such a gruesome kill? Let us know in the comments!

Dragon Ball Super: Broly is out now. Dragon Ball Super currently airs its English dub on Adult Swim during the Toonami block Saturday evenings. It is also available to stream on Funimation and Amazon Video. The Japanese language release is available to stream on FunimationNOW, VRV, and Crunchyroll.


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