Dragon Ball Super Reveals A New Powerful Villain

Dragon Ball Super has revealed a powerful new villain, who is likely going to test Goku and [...]

Dragon Ball Super has revealed a powerful new villain, who is likely going to test Goku and Vegeta's new godly powers, all too soon. The villain's name is "Gas," and he's just been introduced as part of Dragon Ball Super's new story arc, "Granola The Survivor". Dragon Ball Super actually slipped Gas' introduction into previews of the new arc, which teased the debut of an entirely new villain group called The Heeters. This band of space pirates and raiders look sinister enough - but fans quickly spotted that its smallest member was giving off a serious Kid Buu vibe. Now Dragon Ball Super chapter 68 has confirmed fans' suspicions.

Warning: Dragon Ball Super manga Chapter 68 SPOILERS Follow!

The prelude to Dragon Ball Super's new arc saw a warrior named Granola raid a crime boss's ship to retrieve a valuable prize: the remains of Android OG73. In the first chapter of the new arc, we learn that Granola was being employed by The Heeters to retrieve OG73, and he delivers his bounty as scheduled. However, the Heeters' leader, Elec, drops a bomb on Granola: Freeza has come back to life.

It was the Freeza Force and its army of Saiyans that eliminated Granola's race, the Cerealians, and Granola has long been frustrated that he couldn't take revenge. As far as he knew, both Freeza and The Saiyans were long dead - but the news that Freeza as back sets Granola off, and he's willing to strong-arm Elec to get the intel on Freeza he needs. But Elec isn't worried for a second - not when his little buddy Gas is on-hand to take Granola down easily.

Dragon Ball Super Manga 68 Gas vs Granola
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Dragon Ball Super The Heeters Gas Power Levels
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That brief scuffle between Gas and Granola sets up a proper framework for how these new warriors stack up in power against Goku and Vegeta. The chapter ends with Granola having to fight off some pirates on his tail, thereafter admitting that he's not yet strong enough to beat Freeza - but is now looking to achieve that power. When the Heeters are alone, they admit that Granola is growing in power, but has not yet surpassed Gas. In fact, the Heeters hope that Freeza will take out Granola for them before he can turn on them.

Right now, it seems that Gas is being positioned as a Freeza-level threat - with plenty of room to grow. This new "Granola The Survivor" arc has teased the rise of a new 'Most Powerful Warrior' in the universe. Is it Gas? Because that would be very bad for Granola, Goku, and everyone in the universe...

Dragon Ball Super's new Granola The Survivor arc is now unfolding in Free Online Manga chapters. Dragon Ball anime is on indefinite hiatus.