Dragon Ball Super Finally Makes Android 21 Canon

Dragon Ball Super is back with its newest project, and the anime's big movie is packed with all sorts of info. After debuting in Japan, details about the film have made their way online, and some of its biggest spoilers have become hard to avoid at this point. And thanks to an official clip, fans have learned something important about Android 21 and their place in the Dragon Ball canon.

The update went live when Dragon Ball Super dropped its new film, but fans worldwide were able to see it for themselves when Toei Animation released the film's first five minutes. It is there fans are treated to a special flashback before the focus shifts to the Red Ribbon Army. During this part of the film, fans are introduced to Dr. Hedo, one of its big villains, and we learn a curious detail about his family tree.

According to the anime, Dr. Hedo is the grandson of Vomi, a name given to the woman who inspired Android 21. It turns out the woman was married to Dr. Gero in canon, and she worked with the Red Ribbon Army sometime before Goku ended it years ago. After Vomi and Gero married, they had a son named Gevo who became the model for Android 16. However, the mother and son died at some point which pushed Gero to recreate his family as androids.

If this all sounds familiar, don't be too surprised. After all, Android 21 did lean into this backstory back when she was introduced in Dragon Ball FighterZ. The game followed the scientist as she pieced together the remains of Android 16 in hopes of reuniting with the son she remembered having as a human. Of course, things go awry when the android's evil persona begins fighting with her good side, and Goku's crew must deal with the fallout.

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Ever since Dragon Ball FighterZ introduced Android 21 to fans, they have clamored for the anime to make her canon. Now, it seems the series has done just that. It is now a fact Dr. Gero married Vomi, and the woman acted as the template for Android 21 years ago. So if the android herself shows up in the series' future, don't be surprised!

What do you make of this latest Dragon Ball revelation? Did you expect Android 21 to take on the canon like this? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.