Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Teases Gohan's Untapped Potential

Dragon Ball gave fans a peek at Gohan's true power a long time ago, but in recent years, the Saiyan has traded in training for a life in academia. While fans are all for Gohan doing what he wants, many have found themselves lamenting the fighter's wasted potential since he's failed to meet expectations time and again. But according to a new teaser, Dragon Ball Super's new movie promises to right some of those wrongs. 

After all, a little teaser went live today for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, and it is juicy. Fans were informed by Twitter user DBSChronicles that a new blurb has been spotted for the movie, and it nods to Gohan. The Saiyan is said to have "strength even greater than his father, Goku," so you can chew on that information for a hot minute.

Of course, Dragon Ball Super is not giving out any more information than this blurb, so fans are left to fill in the blanks alone. Gohan is described specifically as having more strength than Goku, and that in and of itself isn't shocking. Dragon Ball Z made as much clear during the Cell Saga, but it has been a while since Gohan showed off this kind of power.

Now, fans are wondering if Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is going to give Gohan the chance to pop off. If it does, then a good few fans will be left cheering because they've wanted nothing else but for Gohan to rediscover his former glory. Back in the day, Goku entrusted Gohan will defeating Cell because he knew his son was stronger than all of the Z-Fighters. That version of the character has been MIA for years, but it is never too late to dig him up. So if Dragon Ball Super wants to find that version of Gohan, it has our full support.

What do you think about this little Gohan tease? Do you expect Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero to do right by the hero soon...? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.