Dragon Ball Super Actor Breaks Silence on Piccolo's New Power

Dragon Ball Super is just weeks from its big comeback, and if anyone is excited about the anime's movie, it is Toshio Furukawa. The voice actor has overseen Piccolo since the anime got started, and he's waited patiently for the Namekian to get the spotlight for decades. Now, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero promises to make that happen with a new transformation, and the actor is breaking their silence on the special power boost.

The chat was posted on the official Dragon Ball website recently, and it is there Furukawa opened up about Piccolo's next big role. It was there the actor was asked about his Potential Unleashed form, and of course, the actor said he was thrilled to see Piccolo get a boost even if it took him a while to see it for himself.

"The first time we recorded, the visuals were all just line drawings, so I couldn't really tell that he looked any different. Afterward, they added in the colors and I got a better feel for how Piccolo would change," Furukawa admitted.

"Piccolo hasn't really had any transformations per se throughout the series, so I was quite happy that he finally got one. Fans were very apt to notice Piccolo's changes too, weren't they? They really do pay close attention."

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Of course, Furukawa is certainly right with his observation. As soon as Dragon Ball Super outed Piccolo's new form with a poster, fans were quick to analyze it online. Now, all eyes are on the Namekian as Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero prepares to go live next month. Netizens are eager to learn how Piccolo taps into this power which seems so similar to Gohan's Ultimate form. And of course, they're sure the boost will gift Piccolo an array of epic new attacks. 

Are you excited to check out Dragon Ball Super in theaters? What do you want to see from Piccolo's new power? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.