Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Reveals the Original Name of Gohan's New Power

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is all the rage with shonen fans these days, and it will not be long before the movie makes its way to the United States. Crunchyroll is set to drop the movie stateside this August, and right now, special screenings are keeping the movie alive in Japan. And thanks to one of those screenings, fans have learned a bit more about Gohan and the original plan for his new form.

The whole thing came to light courtesy of Chronicles on Twitter as they shared a look at one of the storyboards for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. It turns out a screening in Japan shared the original schedule with fans, and it was there netizens noticed Gohan's new form was referenced by a different name.

According to this document, Gohan's new form was called Final Gohan rather than Gohan Beast. However, it seems that name was changed at some point during developments. It might have been a temporary moniker referencing the fact Gohan's power boost comes in the final act of the movie. But by the time its theatrical cut was finished, Final Gohan was out and Gohan Beast was in.

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As you can imagine, fans are now left debating whether Dragon Ball picked the right name for Gohan's form. The power is an evolution of Ultimate Gohan, so many netizens were confused how Gohan Beast came about as a title. Some have already adopted Final Gohan as their preferred name, but for now, it seems the franchise is going with Gohan Beast moving forward!

Do you think Dragon Ball Super ultimately went with the best name? Or should Gohan have kept the original name going? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.