Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Shares First Footage of Cell Max

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero might not be live worldwide just yet, but fans in Japan are keeping the movie at the top of the box office. After all, the big movie marks the anime's return following its last movie in 2018, and this one has Gohan in the lead. Now, the movie is putting out full-spoiler promos to keep fans hyped for its upcoming rollout outside Japan, and the newest PV rolls out some official footage of Cell Max!

Yes, that is right. If you did not know, Dragon Ball Super's new movie features a familiar foe. Cell makes a return in the flick through some roundabout twists, and this new promo shows the villain's new iteration in battle.

The clip is short, but Cell Max looks totally horrifying thanks to his mix-and-match features. The colossal villain is a combination of Perfect Cell and Imperfect Cell with some add-ons thrown in. For instance, the baddie has a massive chunk of metal on his tail, and Cell Max looks downright creepy with their wings. Thankfully, Gohan unlocks a new form at the end of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero to combat Cell, and Beast Gohan can hold his own.

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As you can imagine, fans are eager to see Cell and Gohan duke it out firsthand, and audiences outside of Japan will get that chance soon. Crunchyroll will bring the film to markets all over the globe from North America to Europe and beyond. And if you happen to be attending San Diego Comic-Con this month, Dragon Ball Super will even take over Hall H to hype its big release with the world!

What do you think of this latest look at Gohan's new form? Did Dragon Ball Super really need to bring back Cell? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.