'Dragon Ball': This Theory About Jiren's Power Makes Way Too Much Sense

If there’s one thing the Dragon Ball fandom excels at, it is theorizing. The franchise is one [...]

If there's one thing the Dragon Ball fandom excels at, it is theorizing. The franchise is one that lends itself to the most casual theorists, and Dragon Ball Super has amped up even the most hesitant sleuths. Jiren has the fandom scratching its head about his powers, but some fans think they know the key to part of his strength.

Over on Reddit, one user posed an interesting question about Jiren's eyes and their assumed connection to the fighter's power. Fans who are caught up with anime will know Jiren's eyes often get focused on when they light up before he does a combo-breaking move. The Pride Trooper's eyes look as if they glow a silver shade before dimming back down, and fans are wondering if the coloration really means Jiren has a sort of ocular gift.

As the theory goes, Jiren may be able to store up attacks and energy within his body that he can whip out later. The fighter could then access that wealth of power through meditation as the latter keeps him focus or even allows him entrance into a special dimension. And, as you might have guessed, Jiren's one giveaway with the power is his flashing eyes.

The theory isn't an absurd one as Dragon Ball Super has given some weight to the idea. The anime has shown Jiren face off against Goku, flash his eyes, and then bombard the Saiyan with a series of invisible energy blasts. The Pride Trooper also flashed his eye when he dug deep and broke out of Hit's enhanced Time-Skip. Whenever Jiren gets in a bind, he seems to do something that makes his eyes shift, and fans are convinced the power is connected to something hidden within the fighter.

If the theory is right, then Jiren's recent meditation can also be explained; The fighter set himself aside from the Tournament of Power after his harrowing battle with Ultra Instinct Goku. Fans think Jiren can only store so much before he must meditate and restock. The ability simply adds to the unbelievable power Jiren has demonstrated before, and a skill like this would put him on par with the Gods of Destruction. Even Beerus would think twice before recklessly challenging a fighter with that kind of endurance.

For now, fans can only wait and see what surprises Jiren has in store for them. The fighter is slated to make a comeback in the next episode of Dragon Ball Super, but he will likely fall back to meditating shortly after. Jiren only has so much time to prepare before Goku comes back for another round, and the Pride Trooper needs to be prepared for the rematch when it comes for him.