Did 'Dragon Ball Super' Really Just Tease Piccolo's Death?

If there’s one character in Dragon Ball who has Gohan’s back, it is Piccolo. The Namekian may [...]

If there's one character in Dragon Ball who has Gohan's back, it is Piccolo. The Namekian may not have liked the kid at first, but Piccolo came to become a mentor and father-figure to Gohan over the years. Piccolo has put his life on the line for Goku's son more than once, and Dragon Ball Super may be hinting another sacrifice is imminent.

These days, Dragon Ball Super is all about the Tournament of Power. The anime is focused on Universe 7 as they go against a slew of other universes in a high-stakes event. Piccolo and Gohan have found themselves pitted against two Namekians from Universe 6, and it seems like Piccolo may take a blast for his pupil.

A preview for Dragon Ball Super's 118th episode was released this weekend, and fans zeroed in on a rather worrying scene. The reel showed Piccolo and Gohan going against Saoneru and Pirina, but the Universe 6 fighters appear to have something up their sleeves. The clip hints that the warriors have fused with other Namekians from their universe, and Goku says the duo have unlimited regeneration abilities.

In the preview's final moments, fans are shown a short clip of Piccolo coming under attack. The close-up focuses on Piccolo as he shuts his eyes and screams while a bright light envelops him. If the foreboding image sounds a bit familiar, then that is because fans have seen it before.

After all, Piccolo has sacrificed his life to save Gohan in a very similar fashion before.

Back in Dragon Ball Z, Piccolo wound up giving his own life to save Gohan when the Saiyan came face-to-face with Nappa. The elder tried to blast Gohan with a Bomber DX, but Piccolo threw himself in front of the boy and took the blast instead. In the aftermath, Piccolo told Gohan he came to view the boy as a son before he passed way, and Gohan powers up out of rage. The boy is only saved from Nappa when Goku appears with his Flying Nimbus, and fans still buzz about the heart-wrenching sacrifice after all these years.

Dragon Ball Super may make the choice to follow in the footsteps of Dragon Ball Z. Fans already know episode 119 will focus on a member of Universe 7 who somehow gets eliminated. Animage already confirmed the episode will be named "A New Victim From Universe 7! Universe 4 Gets Serious!!" The impending episode may single out Piccolo as his sacrifice, and Gohan may just use that rage to level-up his tournament strategy.

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