‘Dragon Ball Super’ Theory May Have Nailed An Upcoming Jiren Twist

When it comes to villains, Dragon Ball Super has had its share. Freeza returned for the series, [...]

When it comes to villains, Dragon Ball Super has had its share. Freeza returned for the series, and other baddies like Goku Black got fans hyped when they made their debuts. The anime's current saga doesn't have a villain to speak of per se; In fact, Jiren is just a strong fighter who isn't going to let Goku destroy his home.

However, that doesn't mean Jiren will make it through the Tournament of Power victoriously. A new fan-theory has fans speculating about the Pride Troopers elimination, and the fighter may not go out because of Goku.

Recently, Dragon Ball Super shared its 30th chapter, and the manga gave fans deeper insight into Jiren. The updates follows Universe 11 as its Pride Troopers stage a rescue, and Jiren is less-than-willing to enter the Tournament of Power when approached. The fighter tells Toppo he won't stand up for his universe at the cost of another, but Belmod manages to persuade Jiren otherwise.

After Toppo approaches Jiren, Belmod appears to tempt the latter with a promise. The God of Destruction tells Jiren his mysterious wish will be granted if he comes out as the tournament's VIP, leaving Belmod to ask if the Pride Trooper will fight now. Jiren agrees, but he has just one very important stipulation.

"If Universe 11 has any trouble while I'm away, I'm coming right back here," Jiren says. "Those are my conditions."

It is this revelation that has fans wondering if Jiren will wind up leaving the Tournament of Power because of Universe 11. There's no doubt Jiren will wind up fighting Goku again, but audiences have wondered how the Saiyan would beat the Pride Trooper. Ultra Instinct does give Goku a big power-up, but Jiren still appears to be on another level. The Universe 11 fighter is said to be stronger than his God of Destruction, and Jiren's command of the Pride Troop proves he has battle savvy.

When it comes down to it, the only thing that may keep Jiren from winning the Tournament of Power is his sense of justice. If Universe 11 comes under attack while he is away, Jiren just made it clear that he will forfeit the event to save his people. Goku and the Omni-Kings may balk at the idea, but Jiren would surely find a way to have his conditions met or die trying. And, if that becomes the case, then the tournament would definitely have its scales tipped.

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