Did ‘Dragon Ball’ Tease An Ultra Instinct Goku & Vegeta Team-Up?

If you want to rile Dragon Ball fans, all you have to do it bring up Ultra Instinct. The mysterious form debuted a few months back, but the anime has done little to explain its full potential. Now, a new teaser for the form has been dropped by Dragon Ball Heroes, and fans are wondering if it is foreshadowing a sweet anime moment.

Earlier today, the latest issue of V-Jump went live in Japan. The new release featured plenty of new video game information about Dragon Ball FighterZ, but Dragon Ball Heroes also got a few updates. One of the issue’s spreads featured upcoming cards for the franchise, but one of its illustrations got fans buzzing.

As you can see here, V-Jump included an anime sketch of Goku and Vegeta. The picture will be in one of Dragon Ball Super’s new cards, and it shows Ultra Instinct Goku throwing a punch while Vegeta powers up an energy blast beside him. The latter is in his Super Saiyan Blue form, and fans are hoping the artwork is hinting at a future anime team up.

When it comes to video games, Dragon Ball doesn’t consider its titles canon, but Dragon Ball Heroes has bled over into the anime occasionally. The team behind the game often knows where the anime is heading next, and Dragon Ball Heroes isn’t above dropping prophetic teasers now and then.


If the sketch does come to life, then Ultra Instinct seems like it will escape Vegeta for the time being. The Saiyan tried to tap into the power recently, but Vegeta failed to get it going. The hero got beat down by Katopesla when Ultra Instinct failed to show up, and fans are thinking Vegeta will challenge Jiren next in a bid to unlock the form. The threat may not work out how Vegeta planned, and the haywire scheme may force Goku to step in and help his comrade once his Ultra Instinct is ready to go again.

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