Dragon Ball Super: Why Becoming A God of Destruction Is The Ultimate End of Vegeta's Arc

The latest arc of Dragon Ball Super's manga has hinted that Vegeta might be getting a big upgrade as it seems as if the God of Destruction, Beerus, is taking the Saiyan Prince under his wing, and a leak for the upcoming chapter reveals that the former villain turned hero is marching forward under the feline destroyer. Following his training on the Planet Yardrat, it's clear that Vegeta is taking some very different steps in his training than Goku and we can't wait to see where the Prince of the Saiyans goes in the future of Akira Toriyama's franchise.

Here's what Dragon Ball Super Chapter 69 reveals about Vegeta's next conversation with Beerus:

...Beerus asks Vegeta how many planets the Saiyans have destroyed. Vegeta says the Saiyans were born for combat, but only started destroying planets on a regular basis once they joined up with Freeza...

Beerus asks if he’s trying to blame all the Saiyans’ sins on Freeza, but Vegeta says he’s not. King Vegeta started it off in his quest for authority, and this ultimately led to the Saiyans’ destruction.

So it was the Saiyans’ fate to be destroyed? Beerus finds the idea stupid. Vegeta is puzzled: Beerus said he was going to show him a God of Destruction’s technique(s), so what’s that have to do with the Saiyans’ past? Beerus says it’s deeply related.

Dragon Ball Super Vegeta New Powers Spirit Fission Energy Control

Vegeta's been on a long and significant journey since his debut in Dragon Ball Z. The Prince of Saiyans was one of the most savage villains in the universe and came to Earth to do sadistic things to Goku and the Z-Fighters. Vegeta's reformation has come gradually but surely over the course of Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super; however, becoming a good guy hasn't changed who Vegeta is at his core. The Prince of Saiyans is still fueled by pride and anger, and thankfully Dragon Ball Super has opened the path for those personality traits to become the source of a power that Vegeta can harness.

That's the key word, here: "harness." The natural end of Dragon Ball's character arc for Vegeta is seeing the Saiyan Prince harness all the rage and pride inside him and turn it into something awesome like the Destroyer Gods' power of Hakai. Gods of Destruction don't just destroy for pleasure - they act as a pruning device to keep weeds from strangling the garden of life in the universe. There could be no nobler end for Vegeta, while still keeping him true to his character. So let's go.

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