Dragon Ball Super Confirms Vegeta's Mastery of a New Technique

Vegeta has been off world in Dragon Ball Super for awhile now, and he's been sweating every moment [...]

Vegeta has been off world in Dragon Ball Super for awhile now, and he's been sweating every moment of it - literally. The Saiyan has been training hard on Yardrat to learn a new technique, and it turns out the hero has mastered the move. Now, the only question fans have left is this... What exactly is the technique?

For those of you caught up with the Dragon Ball Super manga, you will know what went down with Vegeta as of late. Chapter 60 kept up with the Saiyan has he ended his training on Yardrat after mastering his new technique. It seems the hero has spent quite some time with his mentors learning the move, and he mastered it after intense Spirit Control training.

"Well done indeed, Vegeta! And to master it in so little time," Vegeta's mentor admits.

dragon ball super vegeta

Unfortunately, fans have no idea what this technique is. At the start of the chapter, fans see the aftermath of its being used as Vegeta stands out of breath with his hands stretched out. A pile of injured Yardratans lie before him, so it is clear the technique has physical repercussions when it hits.

But at the end of the chapter, Vegeta goes on and on about how this new technique is far superior to Instant Transmission. Goku is stunned by the revelation, but Moro is not as interested. The chapter ends on a big cliffhanger as Vegeta appears to go Super Saiyan Blue, but there is nothing physically different about the form. For now, the only thing fans can do is wait to see what trick Vegeta has up his sleeves and hope it is enough to topple Moro. After all, it would be a nice change of pace to see Vegeta save the day for once, but fans are certain Goku or Merus will stage some sort of comeback to help our hero out!

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