Dragon Ball Super Cliffhanger Debuts Vegeta's Mysterious New Power

Dragon Ball Super has debuted the latest installment of Goku's epic battle with new series Moro, [...]

Dragon Ball Super has debuted the latest installment of Goku's epic battle with new series Moro, and the sparks were flying like never before! Goku pitted his Ultra Instinct Sign power against the full might of Moro's evil magic, and it was far from the usual power-up victory that Goku was used to. Ultra Instinct Sign is a power that comes at a price, and Moro knew it. However, what Moro (or anyone else for that matter) didn't know was what Vegeta has learned, while training on the mysterious Planet Yardrat. Dragon Ball Super's latest chapter ended with the major tease of Vegeta's new power - and it is pretty spectacular!

Warning - Dragon Ball Super Chapter 60 SPOILERS Follow!

Goku's Ultra Instinct Sign gambit against Moro ends up backfiring big time. In his fully-powered and re-vitalized form Moro is hard as steel, seemingly impervious to Goku's blows, even with Ultra Instinct speed and power behind them. As the tide turns, and Goku starts to catch a serious beatdown from Moro, Vegeta senses his friend's chi dropping out of godly ki, and starting to fade. That's when Vegeta knows he has to get back to Earth at all costs, and masters Instant Transmission in record time, to do so.

However, before Vegeta leaves Yardrat, we get a teaser scene where the Saiyan Prince is exhausted from some kind of massive effort, which has taken down his little Yardratian opponents. Elder Pybara and Galactic Patrolman Irico are amazed at what Vegeta has accomplished, and the Yardratian Hatska suggests that Vegeta mastering this particular technique in such little time, is actually a milestone feat. Pybara even acknowledges that Vegeta is a "prodigy," for having mastered so many Yardratian techniques, through their intensive training process.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 60 Vegeta New Powers Techique Yardrat
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If all that wasn't impressive enough, Dragon Ball Super chapter 60 ends with another major surprise! As he takes the battlefield against Moro, Vegeta effortlessly unveils the Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Evolved form he achieved in the Tournament of Power, ready to give Moro a serious fight.

When Vegeta want to Yardrat, the mysterious natives of the planet showed him a variety of strange new techniques (Instant Transmission, cloning, gigantification, healing), which were all centered around the same core training principle: Spirit Control. However, where Goku only mastered his spirit enough to achieve Instant Transmission, Vegeta has gone much deeper, and seemingly upgraded his body's efficiency when it comes to energy management and use. Based on what we know of Super Saiyan Blue, Vegeta may have found the perfect way to both stabalize his SSGSSE power, and counter Moro's energy stealing effect.

You can read new Dragon Ball Super chapters online HERE. The Anime is still on hiatus.