Dragon Ball Super Reveals Whis' Surprising Doubt in Goku

Dragon Ball Super made some big changes to the franchise as fans knew it, but few were as [...]

Dragon Ball Super made some big changes to the franchise as fans knew it, but few were as impactful as the debut of Whis and Beerus. The two deities shook things up upon their arrival to Earth, and they went from being enemies to allies in the course of an arc. Over time, Whis even became a new mentor to Goku as the Saiyan tried to acquire more power, so you can see why fans were taken by surprise when Whis shared his doubt in the Saiyan during his rematch with Moro.

The moment came to a head in the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super. The update kept up with Goku as he used his full power against Moro while tapping into Ultra Instinct Sign. The brash move was bemoaned by Merus who knew the move was a death wish, but Whis was less upset. In fact, the angel said he doubted any strategy could help Goku against Moro given the Saiyan's current power level.

"Even if he had followed your advice and conserved stamina to maintain Sign for longer, I have my doubts that he could have made much headway against Moro," the angel admitted.

dragon ball super whis goku

As the fight carried on, Whis' prediction proved to be right. Goku was tossed around by Moro like a rag doll after the Saiyan ran out of fuel to power Ultra Instinct Sign. "Sadly, it doesn't look like we'll be witnessing any miracles today," Whis admitted before shutting off his projection of the battle.

As you can imagine, Whis' blasé reaction to Goku and his impending loss surprised Dragon Ball Super fans. It has been said that angels and deities are not to interfere with mortal lives, but that has not stopped these two before. They were even forced to fight in the Tournament of Power because of their low mortal rank, and Moro's continued annihilation of Universe 7 is not boosting their stats. This fact paired with Whis' bored reaction to the possible destruction of Earth has got fans feeling a certain type of way... and it does not feel that great.

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