'Dragon Ball Super' Updates Fans on Vegeta's Big Fight With Toppo

Dragon Ball Super fans remember Vegeta's final battle with Toppo as some of Vegeta's best moments [...]

Dragon Ball Super fans remember Vegeta's final battle with Toppo as some of Vegeta's best moments during the Tournament of Power, and the manga seems to be heading in this direction as well with the latest chapter.

In the latest chapter of the series, fans got an update on Vegeta's fight with Toppo and it seems like Vegeta's struggling much in the same way he did in the anime.

With Universe 6's Kefla and Gohan double elimination, the last fighters of the Tournament of Power are once again Goku, Vegeta, Freeza, Master Roshi, Android 17 and Universe 7's Jiren, Dyspo, and Toppo. With Jiren fighting both Master Roshi and Goku, this leaves Vegeta and Toppo.

Vegeta's seen struggling against Toppo as he notes just how stubbornly powerful Toppo is. Toppo then says he can't afford to lose against a "lesser being" like Vegeta as he's currently a candidate to be a god of Destruction. Unfortunately, the rest of the chapter focuses on Jiren's battle with Goku (as Goku activates Ultra Instinct) so fans don't get to see Toppo at his full strength yet.

In the anime, Toppo is indeed a God of Destruction candidate and even fully transforms into one (complete with the Hakai ability) in the battle against Vegeta. In this form, Toppo easily bats away the likes of Freeza and Android 17, but Vegeta's the one that takes him down in the end.

Using a move he has not used since he was Majin Vegeta during the Majin Buu arc of the series, Vegeta unleashes a supreme charge of power and the resulting explosion ends up being what finally eliminates Toppo from the tournament.

It remains to be seen if the battle between Vegeta and Toppo will end in the same way, but as the manga narrows down the fighters fans will see how the battle goes soon enough.

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