Dragon Ball Super: Is Moro a Former God of Destruction?

Dragon Ball Super's latest arc has introduced a fearsome new villain named Planet-Eater Moro into the franchise. And while Moro is very much cut from the same cloth as some classic Dragon Ball Z villains, he's also something refreshingly new. As Dragon Ball fans have come to the learn in the manga's "Galactic Patrol Prisoner" arc, Moro's story goes back ten million years, to when the evil sorcerer was terrorizing the cosmos on an insatiable killing spree, which could only be stopped by the Grand Kai himself intervening. That origin story and a lot of other clues in the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc, now have Dragon Ball fans asking one big question:

Is Moro a former God of Destruction?

In case you're (somehow) still unclear, in the expanded lore of Dragon Ball Super, the Gods of Destruction are deities that selectively destroy beings or worlds that prove to be threatening to their universe. It's a pretty fickle role to play in the series; a destroyer is neither bad nor good in the traditional Dragon Ball sense - he/she simply destroys and/or kills as is necessary to preserve the greater scope of life in the universe. It's neither heroic nor villainous - it's simply a force of the cosmos.

There are several big clues that Moro could have once been a God of Destruction:

  • He looks down on virtually every being, and even warriors like Goku and Vegeta, to be far beneath him. It could be typical villain arrogance, but it also feels like Moro truly is a being above typical mortals.
  • Moro recognizes Goku's Ultra Instinct form is 'no mortal technique,' thereby hinting that the villain has intricate knowledge of what divine powers are all about - a pretty rare thing, for any being outside the godly order.
  • At the height of his power, Moro was stronger than even that Grand Supreme Kai. It took the Supreme Kai sacrificing his own godly power to seal Moro's magic, allowing the villain to be imprisoned.
Dragon Ball Super Was Moro a God of Destruction Theory

Between his power level, age (over 10 million years being alive), and knowledge of divine events and powers, it seems pretty likely that Moro's connection to the gods could be direct result of time spent as part of their order. That kind of twist would certainly throw Goku and Vegeta, and possibly start a falling out that brings them into conflict with Beerus and the Gods of Destruction again.

Moro's character also fits the mold of a perfect candidate for the God of Destruction position. The "Planet-Eater" literally sustains himself by consuming the life forces of planets and their inhabitants - he kills to eat, and is almost chillingly clinical in his destruction. However, the problem with Moro is that he's nefariously insatiable: it would be easy to see how he could've been stripped of his God of Destruction title by the Kais, if (more like when) he started consuming life that was not designated to be a threat to universal order.

Do you think Planet-Eater Moro used to be a God of Destruction? Let us know in the comments!