Dragon Ball Super Has Goku Ready For a Major Villain Kill

Dragon Ball Super's latest story arc has brought what is arguably the series' most powerful villain yet to the battlefield of Earth. Indeed, Planet-Eater Moro has been a scourge across the universe, with a power that gods themselves. Both Goku and Vegeta broke their respective limits to achieve new powerful transformations - and neither was good enough to put Moro down. However, in true Dragon Ball fashion, the tables have turned, and Goku once again managed to pull out the win with a massive power jump. However, Dragon Ball Super seems to be taking a dark turn, as Goku is now poised to deliver some final, ultimate justice, by killing Moro!

Warning: Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 64 SPOILERS Follow!

As stated, both Goku and Vegeta failed to take out Moro with their respective new powers of Ultra Instinct and Spirit Control (respectively). It took a miracle from a literal angel (Merus) to seal some of Moro's unstoppable powers, and give Goku and the Z-Fighters the chance to regroup. Merus' act of intervening in mortal matters got him erased, and his death caused Goku to have the kind of emotional eruption that first made Super Saiyan possible, and has once again sparked Goku's transition into "Perfected Ultra Instinct."

In Dragon Ball Super chapter 64, Goku has to figure out how to follow the training that Merus gave him, by separating himself from his intense emotions over Merus' death, in order to achieve the spiritual serenity Ultra Instinct's fully-mastered form. Once in that Zen-like state, Moro doesn't stand a chance against Ultra Instinct Goku!

In one of Dragon Ball Super's most satisfying sequences, we finally get to see Goku using Ultra Instinct's unique abilities in full. For a villain who is as formidable as the gods, Moro is left looking like a frightened amateur by Ultra Instinct's speed, precision, and power on both offense and defense. In fact, by the end of the fight, Moro was left utterly beaten down, to the point that he is left begging Goku to please help him up, and not kill him.

Draon Ball Super Goku Kill Moro Ultra Insitnct Manga 64 Spoilers
(Photo: Shonen Jump Magazine)

However, that's where Dragon Ball Super takes a dark turn. Despite Moro's begging, Goku confirms with Galactic Patrolman Jaco that the intergalactic villain was slated for execution by the Galactic Patrol - they just never had the means of carrying it out. But with Goku's new powers and his being deputized into the Galactic Patrol, Jaco has no problem asking the Saiyan hero to do the deed.


In a somewhat confusing twist, however, Goku first strips off his shirt and declares that he wants his final bout with Moro to be as an earthling - whatever that may mean.

Dragon Ball anime is still on hiatus. You can read new manga chapters free online HERE.