Dragon Ball Super Reveals How Goku's Perfected Ultra Instinct Compares to Moro's Power

Goku's Ultra Instinct has returned to Dragon Ball Super with a new name in tow, and the newest chapter of the manga revealed how Goku's new perfected level of power compares to Planet Eater Moro's power. Following Merus' sacrifice, Goku was given the final push he needed to go beyond his Ultra Instinct Sign form and reach a "perfected" version of Ultra Instinct. Although he admitted he was not able to previously reach this level of mastery after the Tournament of Power, it seems that Merus' final gambit had truly paid off as now Goku has unleashed the full might of Ultra Instinct Perfected against Moro.

Moro has been one of the strongest foes in the series to date as he has defeated Goku and Vegeta in many of their previous altercations in the series thus far, but Goku's new level of Ultra Instinct confirms that this was indeed the boost Goku needed to really do some damage as Moro currently has no proper counter to Goku in this state.

Chapter 64 of the series see Moro visibly shaken by the fact that Goku has reached this godly new level of power. He anxiously tries to throw the first punch, but it's soon revealed that Goku is far faster that the current Moro (who was running circles around Goku just a few chapters ago). Goku then effortlessly dodges each one of Moro's attacks after that while Moro just gets angrier.

Dragon Ball Super Spoilers Goku Ultra Instinct Perfected Moro Power Comparison
(Photo: Shueisha)

Even when Moro tries to use his magic to destroy the Earth in an effort to defeat Goku in this state, Goku then turns it around by pushing Moro into the very lava he brought out of the Earth with his magic. Goku's strikes are powerful, and it's quickly apparent that Moro is now truly outclassed by Goku's true god abilities.


Although Moro had easily countered Goku's Ultra Instinct Sign form, this chapter demonstrates the gap in strength between the Sign and Perfected versions of the state. Goku's poised to win the fight with relative ease from this point on, but it seems like simply winning the fight is no longer his goal as Goku has something else in Moro.

But what do you think? Will Goku have the same limits to Ultra Instinct that he had during the Tournament of Power? Does this version seem stronger than it did before? Will Moro have some other trick hidden to somehow beat Goku? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!