Dragon Ball Super Makes A Change to Goku's Hero Status

The latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super's manga has really turned things around for Goku and the Z [...]

The latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super's manga has really turned things around for Goku and the Z Fighters in their war against Moro, the ancient wizard that has been absorbing energy and powers from his opponents while threatening the future of the Earth, and it seems as if our favorite "Son" has a new status that will have many fans slapping their foreheads in frustration! With the finale of the previous chapter ending with Goku seemingly tapping into the ultimate power of Ultra Instinct, this installment shows us that while Son's power might increase, his character will always be the same!

Warning! If you have yet to read the latest installment of Dragon Ball Super's manga in Chapter 64, you may want to steer clear of the rest of this article as we'll be diving into some serious spoiler territory!

A big part of the latest arc of Dragon Ball Super has been the inclusion of the Galactic Patrol, which was first brought to readers' attention via the arrival of Jaco, the bumbling space cop that first made landfall during the resurrection of Freeza arc. The "space cops" are a force for good that are attempting to save the universe from the machinations of Moro, keeping the monster locked away for generations but unfortunately being powerless in putting the "genie back into the bottle". With Merus, the renegade angel, throwing away his divinity in order to join them, the Z Fighters were all made honorary members of the patrol, but Goku seemingly has other plans as the chapter wraps.

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Goku, in seemingly defeating Moro, double checks with Jaco that the Galactic Patrol has sentenced the evil energy sucking villain to death, and once getting confirmation, the lunk headed Z Fighter makes a decision that is perfectly in character, but also frustratingly predictable. Son decides to reject his status as an honorary "space cop" in order to not kill Moro after the villain begs for his life following Goku dismantling him with the perfected form of Ultra Instinct, leaving fans cringing that the antagonist will trick the Saiyan as foes have done many times before.

Redemption for Moro definitely seems impossible considering the heinous acts that he's pulled so far, but with Vegeta, Piccolo, and even Freeza all being mass murderers that joined the Z Fighters, who is to say it couldn't happen?

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