Dragon Ball: Vegeta Actor Reacts to Latest Popularity Poll

Since first appearing in an episode of Dragon Ball Z in 1989, Ryo Horikawa has been supplying the [...]

Since first appearing in an episode of Dragon Ball Z in 1989, Ryo Horikawa has been supplying the voice for the Prince of the Saiyans, Vegeta, and recently, the prolific voice actor reacted to a popularity poll that didn't have the Z Fighter rank as high as Ryo would have liked! With Dragon Ball Super setting up its next big story arc following the defeat of the energy-absorbing wizard known as Moro, we're anxious to see how the Saiyan Prince will continue to grow in the Shonen franchise, especially following the new tricks he learned on the Planet Yardrat.

Ryo Horikawa has been playing the part of Vegeta for over thirty years now, pulling off some tremendous performances as fans followed the life of the Saiyan warrior who eventually went from a full-blown villain to a hero that had formed a family on the Planet Earth. While Ryo is obviously most well known for his role as Vegeta, he is certainly no stranger when it comes to the world of anime, lending his voice talents to franchises such as Gundam, Digimon, and even Pokemon! Though there hasn't been any word so far of Dragon Ball Super's return to the world of anime, we're crossing our fingers that the upcoming Jump Festa might reveal the future of the television series!

Ryo Horikawa shared his disappointment that Vegeta was not able to overtake his eternal rival Kakarot, aka Son Goku, in a popularity poll, noting that the Saiyan Prince had come in at second place with the world of Dragon Ball that surely has much more in story for the former villain:

The English translation of the Tweet reads as such:

"I found something called "Dragon Ball's favorite character ranking" I'm in second place again! You can't beat Kakarot! That said, I'm just grateful to those who voted."

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