Dragon Ball Super: What is Forced Spirit Fission?

Dragon Ball Super's latest chapter introduced the Forced Spirit Fission technique in the fight [...]

Dragon Ball Super's latest chapter introduced the Forced Spirit Fission technique in the fight against Moro, but really the big question here is, how does it actually work? As the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc continues through what is presumably its final fight between Goku, Vegeta and Moro, Vegeta debuted a brand new technique in Chapter 61 of the series. After teasing the kind of new strength he gained during his training on Planet Yardrat, Vegeta revealed that it wasn't that his technique was strong but actually quite sneaky in dealing damage to Moro.

This technique was revealed to be Forced Spirit Fission, which had Vegeta use his newly trained Spirit Control abilities to remove bits of Moro's strength the more they fought. It was the exact inverse of their first battle in which Vegeta slowly grew weaker the more Moro drained his energy during that first encounter.

As Goku explains, Forced Spirit Fission is officially a technique that "tears things apart that were combined through fusion or absorption." This is a vague explanation that leaves open quite a few holes in terms of whether or not this will be the key to defeating Moro's fused form debuted later in the chapter, but nonetheless Chapter 61 does give us definitive clues.

Dragon Ball Super What is Forced Spirit Fission Explained Vegeta
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While it is not quite clear whether or not Spirit Fission can undo the physical fusions like Vegito, Gogeta (and perhaps Majin Buu and the Grand Supreme Kai), Vegeta uses it to remove Moro's absorbed energy and has enough control to not only pull specific ki (as Vegeta removes the New Namekians' ki first) but to also send it back to their original sources when possible.

This move weakened Moro in the moment, but there's already a wrench in the plans as Moro debuted a terrifying new form that involved devouring the killer android Seven-Three. Will this be impacted by Spirit Fission because it is both a fusion or absorption? Or did Moro already find the loophole for Vegeta's new technique?

But what do you think? Will Forced Spirit Fission be the key to defeating Moro for good? Or is it merely the first of Vegeta's new abilities? Could there even be a stronger version of the move left in Vegeta's arsenal? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!