Dragon Ball Super Comic Imagines How Vegeta Could Save Earth From Moro

Dragon Ball Super has put Goku in a hard position, and there is no telling how it will end up this month. The manga shocked fans with its last chapter as fans learned how badly their hero messed up his fight with Moro. After healing the baddie back to full health, Moro is on a tear, and one fan may know the tragic way this arc might end.

Over on Instagram, the user darknes_artist got the fandom buzzing with their take on the Moro arc. They imagined how the finale might incorporate Vegeta as the Saiyan has been seldom seen as of late. However, given his recent mastery of Spirit Fisson, this fan-manga imagines a word where Vegeta sacrifice himself to save others.

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You can check out the fan-manga above as it starts with Vegeta getting back up from his wounds. After being healed by Dende, Vegeta makes his way back to the battlefield where Goku is powered up fully. Ultra Instinct is not a match against Moro at this point now that the villain has absorbed Merus' power, but Vegeta still has an upper hand.

This Dragon Ball Super comic follows Vegeta as he insults Goku for his incompetence and asks his comrade to pass on a message to Bulma. The Saiyan decides to use Spirit Fisson to separate Moro from Earth, but in doing so, the villain becomes even more unstable. That makes it all the more likely Moro will explode, and Vegeta uses Instant Transmission in his last moments to whisk Moro away to save Earth.

This kind of sacrifice is extreme, but it has happened plenty. In fact, this same situation was played out in the Cell saga as Goku was forced to teleport Cell from Earth before the villain could self-destruct. Now, Dragon Ball Super fans are wondering if it is time for Vegeta to do the same, and this is how the damning decision could go down this month.


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