Vegeta Stripper Surprises 'Dragon Ball' Super-Fan At Bachelorette Party

Being a Saiyan isn’t easy, and things only get harder when you are Vegeta. The poor guy has been [...]

Being a Saiyan isn't easy, and things only get harder when you are Vegeta. The poor guy has been playing second fiddle to Goku for decades now, and he is still struggling to one-up the hero. After losing his job with Freeza, Vegeta has been stuck working the unemployment line, but his days of mooching off Bulma are over.

Yes, Vegeta has an important job these days, and one super-fan found that out the hard way recently. After all, she did get the surprise of a lifetime when the Saiyan came to her bachelorette party in his full gear and stripped.

Fingers crossed she tipped him some sweet Zeni!

My sisters and I love DB. My bachelorette party was this past Saturday and this is my reaction to who they hired! from r/dbz

Over on Reddit, a user named /kakozlow shared the hilarious surprise her sister set up for her bachelorette party. The fan said she has always been a fan of the series, so her sisters went all out and hired a Vegeta stripper for the event.

The picture above captures the glorious moment when the Prince of all Saiyans made one maiden's dreams come true. The stripper can be seen wearing Vegeta's traditional blue suit and Saiyan armor. With a gravity-defying wig nestled on his head, the only thing that looks off here is Vegeta's facial hair. But hey — the hero did grow a sweet mustache in Dragon Ball GT.

Naturally, the fandom has been losing it over the hilarious bachelorette surprise, and the puns have been plentiful. Fans have all asked the bride-to-be whether Vegeta surprised her with a Final Flash or Galick Gun.

According to the lucky girl, the Vegeta impersonator kept in-character during his strip show. The stripper entered the party asking where Bulma was and then said she'd been spending way too much time with Kakarot. In order to punish his wife, Vegeta had to get frisky, and that meant disrobing quickly.

Oh, and if you are curious about the stirpper's backwards outfit, it was all part of the plan. The bride-to-be explained the savvy stripper wore the costume backwards "so he could take it off quickly." The dancer also admitted to being a huge fan of the franchise, so his appearance at the party was all he ever wanted. And yes — he kept the costume.

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