Dragon Ball Website Offers Preview For Goku Day Release

The Official Dragon Ball website is looking to give the Shonen series a web portal a fresh coat of [...]

The Official Dragon Ball website is looking to give the Shonen series a web portal a fresh coat of paint, and while the URL is currently active, the official launch of the new portal will take place this Goku Day, with a new preview giving us a better idea of what the site will look like. With rumors beginning to swirl about what will be revealed during this year's Goku Day, taking place on May 9th in Japan, it's clear that the Shonen franchise isn't looking to end the story of the Z Fighters any time soon.

While the main anime series for Dragon Ball Super has been on hiatus since bringing the Tournament of Power Arc to a close, but the manga has continued to tell new stories of hard-hitting battles for Goku and his friends, with the likes of the Moro Arc and Granolah The Survivor Arc taking place in the pages of the Shonen franchise. On top of this, the spin-off anime series of Super Dragon Ball Heroes has offered anime fans some new stories that see the Z Fighters teaming up with their alternate reality counterparts, bringing in elements of the series that we might have never seen otherwise.

Twitter User DBS Chronicles shared this look at the upcoming Dragon Ball website, specifically how it will be viewed using the mobile app, which is sure to give fans of the long-running series plenty of information, both old and new, when it comes to the world of the Saiyan race:

Currently, in Dragon Ball Super's manga, Goku has managed to master the terrifying power of Ultra Instinct while Vegeta has taken on a drastically different approach to his training, with the intergalactic bounty hunter having an ax to grind with the Saiyans and the former ruler of the warrior race in Freeza.

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