Dragon Ball Gets Best Live-Action Take with 'Last Stand' Fan Trailer

Dragon Ball has been through the wringer where live-action is concerned. Years ago, the franchise gave its first official go at the medium with help from Hollywood, but the result was a hot mess. To this day, Dragonball Evolution is considered one of the worst film adaptations to date, but one fan is trying to rewrite that narrative.

The gift came from Instagram user daniishiqbal11 who hit up Youtube with a special fan trailer. The user decided to cut Dragon Ball into a live-action trailer worthy of Goku, and the reel has earned kudos from fans all over.

dragon ball

As you can see above, the trailer has a very specific art style that would impress any Zack Snyder fan. The reel goes through some of the biggest parts of Dragon Ball Z as Earth comes under fire. The fan trailer aims to promote a movie called Dragon Ball Movie: The Last Stand. Clearly, this would-be film would be an epic one if it were real, and it gives hope for what could come in the future.

After all, Hollywood is starting to recognize its shortcomings with anime at last. The medium is too popular to ignore as sales are continuing to rise globally year after year. With manga following suit, the anime industry cannot be ignored, and Hollywood would love to adapt some of its best hits. So while Death Note might have missed the target a couple of years back, Netflix and other studios are trying to make up for their anime flops.

No flop is bigger than Dragonball Evolution, and even the crew behind the film recognizes as much. The franchise's creator Akira Toriyama was not a fan of the project, and it seems very unlikely he'll sign off on another remake any time soon. But if the right offer comes through, Goku could return to the big screen in a style like this trailer if we're lucky! It would be difficult to make a worse adaptation than Dragonball Evolution, and with anime's reputation in mainstream culture growing by the day, we'd like to believe studios would tap actual fans to oversee this big-name projection.

What do you think of this live-action concept? Would this Dragon Ball idea translate well onto the big screen? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.