Dragon Ball Super Drops New Moro Poster with Uub

Dragon Ball Super is taking care of its new arc these days in the manga, and the story seems to be a good follow-up to the one found in Moro's saga. The villain showed up during the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc, and fans were shown just how strong the villain was. As the arc neared its end, a whole bunch of fighters appeared who fans never expected, and a new poster for the arc has gone live honoring the smallest one amongst the bunch.

The whole thing went live when Dragon Ball Super put out its new volume in Japan. The manga checked in on Moro as he put the finishing touches on his fight with Goku. For those who have read the manga already, you know this marks the time when Uub appears in the arc, and this poster honors his arrival.

The artwork shows Uub standing to the side as he conjures energy in his cupped hands. He is being protected by the Grand Supreme Kai as you can tell. The deity has his hands on Uub's shoulders, and he's keeping the boy safe as Moro bears down on them behind.

After all, Uub was key in defeating Moro by his arc's end, so it makes sense for the villain to go after the fighter. As well know, Uub has some serious power backing him since he is the reincarnate of Buu. That power was needed to take down Moro once he nabbed himself some of Merus' power. Uub gave energy to Goku when he started forming his latest Spirit Bomb, and his godly power showed Moro the exit.

Hopefully, Uub will play into future arcs of Dragon Ball Super, so fans are keeping a close eye on him. The boy does not know anything about his powers, and it seems he doesn't know anything about fighting quite yet. He is far away from challenging Goku as he does at the end of Dragon Ball Z. But if we are lucky, he will get to that point by the time Dragon Ball Super ends.

What do you think of this latest Dragon Ball Super poster? Do you think Uub will return to Dragon Ball Super one day? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.