Dragon Ball Explains Why Goku And Hearts Team Up

Super Dragon Ball Heroes has started a new arc in the "Space-Time War Arc" that introduces the Z Fighters and the Time Patrol to a new universe created by the villain Fuu, and it seems as if this new dangerous locale has made former enemies into allies as Goku and Hearts have banded together. With the latest installment featuring a villainous team up between the alien siblings of Freeza and Cooler, Goku got a much-needed assist from Hearts at the last minute, with the former Heroes villain turning a very serious page.

The Space-Time War Arc is set to bring back a number of old characters from both the lore of Super Dragon Ball Heroes and the series of Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT. With the likes of Cell, Gohan, Turles, Bojack, and more already confirmed to make their return during this arc, it's clear that Fuu's new universe is going to play a big role in the proceedings. The original Broly kicked off the Arc by achieving the new transformation known as Limit Breaker Super Saiyan 4, able to hold his own against two different Vegitos. Though the Legendary Super Saiyan was dragged into the new universe with Goku and Vegeta of our universe, he is nowhere to be found in the latest episode but will surely be making his presence known sooner rather than later.

Dragon Ball Goku Hearts
(Photo: Toei Animation)

Hearts as a character is an interesting villain in the breadth of the Dragon Ball Heroes franchise, using his power to apparently attempt to free mortals from the control of the Gods, which was revealed in his original moments in his battle against Gogeta. With Hearts freed from hell, and apparently using the power of the Evil Saiyan Cumber to power his new plans for the universe. Needless to say, the team-up between Hearts and Goku will definitely be an interesting one in the future of the spin-off.

The main anime for Dragon Ball Super has yet to announce when it will return to the airwaves, though there is plenty of material for the show to cover with the Moro Arc having come to a close in the manga and the Granolah The Survivor Arc kicking off a brand new arc. Certainly, Shonen fans are crossing their fingers that it will return sooner rather than later.


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