Dragon Ball Heroes Releases Opening for Space-Time War Arc

Dragon Ball Heroes is getting ready to dive feet first into the 'Space-Time War Arc', the next [...]

Dragon Ball Heroes is getting ready to dive feet first into the "Space-Time War Arc", the next saga of the spin-off anime that will bring back some major heroes and villains into the fold, and the anime has revealed the opening for the saga that introduces a brand new dimension to both the Z Fighters and the Time Patrol. The Space-Time War was hinted at in a previous installment of the series, as Vegito and the original Broly found themselves dragged into a new universe that had been created by the Dark Demon Dimensions scientist known as Fuu.

The spin-off series has worked in conjunction with the arcade game that allows players to use collectible cards to amass Dragon Ball characters to fight on their behalf, taking the opportunity to dive into several events and characters that otherwise wouldn't have been explored. With the Space-Time War Arc, audiences can expect to see the return of villains such as Hearts, Freeza, Cooler, Goku Black, and even the Dragon Ball Z villain, Cell. On top of these nefarious returns, the saga is also promising to include the presence of Gohan, who has been mostly absent from the previous entries of the anime.

Twitter User DBS Chronicles shared the new opening for the Super Dragon Ball Heroes opening that will take viewers into the brand new arc that is planning to add a ton of new elements and characters to the spin-off service that has prided itself on giving audiences plenty of fan service:

One of the biggest elements that has been hinted at is the role of Hearts, one of the biggest villains of Dragon Ball Heroes who was attempting to eliminate the gods so that mortals could be "truly free". Seemingly fighting alongside Goku against Freeza and Cooler, it seems as if Hearts might be taking on a more heroic role, though he definitely is up to something in the background as he is working on a device that is apparently powered by the Evil Saiyan, Cumber.

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