You Can Now Recreate ‘Dragon Ball's Famous Yamcha Meme

If there is one anime meme the public knows, it has to do with Yamcha. The hero may have been a [...]

If there is one anime meme the public knows, it has to do with Yamcha. The hero may have been a stud back in the day, but Dragon Ball Z saw the martial artist lose his street cred after a measly Saibaman took him down. The guy's death pose remains one of the Internet's go-to memes.

So, if you have ever wanted to customize the meme, you can do just that. You only need to head to J-World Tokyo to get the real-world retouch done.

J-World Tokyo is a place where anime fans can let loose, and Dragon Ball just got a special exhibit there. A photo spot has been added at the park, and it is pretty self explanatory (via Kotaku). As you can see below, it is of the crater Yamcha died in when he tried to take on Nappa.

(Photo: Twitter)

Twitter is being flooded with revamped memes of Yamcha's death, and they are just as hilarious as you would hope. Sadly, J-World Tokyo hasn't announced any plans to ship this photo spot to other locations, but fans can always make their own crater if need be. And, at the very least, Photoshop is your friend.

If you are not aware of the Yamcha meme, you have a lot of Internet history to catch up on. The still itself was created back in the 1990s when Dragon Ball Z killed off Yamcha. The fighter was taken out by a Saibaman, and the embarrassing death still follows Yamcha because of this meme.

As early as 2009, Japanese chatrooms began using the still to mock people who failed at doing something way out of their league. The meme quickly crossed borders as international fans saw the meme and embraced it for themselves. Now, the image of Yamcha's death pose has become synonymous with failure, and the legacy is not one the fighter can ever shake off.

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