Dragon Ball Z Art Gives a New Take on an Iconic Goku-Vegeta Moment

The Majin Buu saga of Dragon Ball Z can sometimes get a bad rap, with many fans considering it the weakest of the arcs of the series when compared to the Saiyan Saga, Freeza Saga, and Cell Saga, but one artist has managed to capture one of the best moments of the arc with some stellar line work! The Buu Saga brought the Dragon Ball Z series to a close, giving Goku the chance to eliminate the threat of Kid Buu, while also developing the Prince of the Saiyan's character to a place that many thought was impossible for the former villain!

The final fight between Goku, Vegeta, and Kid Buu didn't just put an end to the threat caused by the demonic pink powerhouse, but it also solidified the friendship between the two Saiyans, as the Prince of Planet Vegeta realized that Son had surpassed him. Finally coming to grips with Goku's superior power and moving past his own pride, the ending of Dragon Ball Z gave us a new character for the prince that would still retain the hard edge that we always had known him for. Dragon Ball Super still has Vegeta trailing behind Goku thanks in part to Son learning Ultra Instinct, but his trip to the Planet Yardrat has certainly boosted his power level!

Twitter Artist Ruto830 shared a new take on the final moments of the battle against Kid Buu, following the pink villain being swallowed by the Spirit Bomb as Goku gives Vegeta a big thumbs up, with the Saiyans taking a much needed rest after the intense battle:

As fans of the series know, Kid Buu was reincarnated as the warrior Uub thanks in part to a wish that Goku had made as he unleashed the Spirit Bomb, though the former villain has yet to make an appearance in the sequel series of Dragon Ball Super! Uub himself had a big role to play in Dragon Ball GT, merging with his "other self" in Fat Buu and using the new found power to fight against Baby.

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