Dragon Ball Artist Gives Evil Buu a Terrifying Live-Action Design

One of the most terrifying villains in Dragon Ball Z was definitely the pink terror known as Majin Buu and one fan has managed to create a real life interpretation of one of the strangest forms of the final major villain of the series in Evil Buu. Brought out of the pink, obese terror following the battle that Buu had with Super Saiyan 3 Goku, Evil Buu was a scary, powerful opponent who did not appear that much in the anime franchise, almost immediately absorbing his rotund self and becoming the threat referred to as Super Buu!

In the current story line of Dragon Ball Super's manga, the Moro Arc, Majin Buu has an important role to play as the Kaioshin that is currently residing in the pink powerhouse's form has seemingly taken complete control. With the strange time line of Super taking place in-between the finale of the Buu arc and the end of the Dragon Ball Z series as a whole, one version of Majin Buu has been absent from the events of the latest Akira Toriyama series in Uub. The young warrior has yet to even meet the Z Fighters at this point, but he would definitely be a worthy addition to the Z Fighters in their current life or death battle!

Instagram Artist Risotto Com Pao shared this life like interpretation of Evil Buu, the side of Majin Buu that did not appear as much as his fellow versions of the pink antagonist but was still as scary when it came to his unique appearance and shade of grey covering his skin:

Dragon Ball has been known to redeem a number of its villains, with the likes of the Androids, Freeza, Piccolo, and Vegeta all siding with Goku and the warriors of Earth in the current battles of the series. We doubt we'll ever see Evil Buu appear in the future of the franchise, but we're crossing our fingers that Uub is able to appear at some point in Dragon Ball Super!

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