Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods is Returning to Theaters

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods is planning a new theatrical run for its tenth anniversary.

For quite some time, many fans of the Dragon Ball series believed that the story of Goku and the Z-Fighters had come to an end with both Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT. Luckily for shonen fans, this turned out to not be the case as Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods set the stage for Dragon Ball Super's arrival and introduced new battles for the anime characters to overcome. With the ten-year anniversary hitting this year, the battle against Beerus the God of Destruction is returning to theaters in North America.

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods first arrived in Japanese theaters in March of 2023, seeing the introduction of Beerus, Whis, and the Super Saiyan God transformation. Ironically enough, the reason creator Akira Toriyama decided to continue the Z-Fighters' story was thanks to Dragon Ball Evolution, the live-action movie that is quite controversial amongst the anime fan community. In an unearthed quote from the mangaka as a part of the 30th Anniversary Dragon Ball Super History Book, Toriyama revealed why he decided to return to Goku's world, "Dragon Ball once became a thing of the past to me, but after that, I got angry about the live-action movie, re-wrote an entire movie script, and now I'm complaining about the quality of the new TV anime, so it seems that DB has grown on me much that I can't leave it alone."

The Battle of Gods Returns

Fathom Events shared the upcoming theatrical return of the movie featuring Beerus and Goku's big brawl on Fandango's official website. The movie is set to arrive back in theaters on October 17th, and the runtime is listed as two hours and thirty minutes, meaning that it might have quite a few extras in store for theater-goers. With no new Dragon Ball anime projects announced, outside of Super Dragon Ball Heroes, perhaps this screening might have big news to reveal.

(Photo: Fathom Events & Fandango)

While Dragon Ball Super's anime remains in limbo, the manga series is continuing to adapt the story of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. With the latest chapter bringing Orange Piccolo to the manga's pages for the first time, Gohan Beast's debut is right around the corner. 

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