Dragon Ball Cosplay Takes Broly to the Next Level

One Dragon Ball cosplay has truly taken Broly's power to the next level! Out of all the characters and foes fans have been introduced to over the course of Akira Toriyama's franchise thus far, one of the most notable has been Broly. Not only was he introduced as another key Saiyan fighter in a world with very few of them left, he left such an impact on the series that the villain went from being completely non-canon to becoming an official part of the franchise's lore several years later with a full reboot. 

But while this rebooted version of Broly has its fans, and they look forward to hopefully seeing the villain again in an official capacity in a future arc, there are still many fans who appreciate the original incarnation of the series' foe as well. This version not only had three films to himself (technically two really) but also came back in the recent Dragon Ball Heroes' promotional anime as well in this original form. Now this original version has come back in a whole new way through some awesome cosplay from @uniastronaut on Instagram! Check it out below:  

This form of Broly has actually lived on much longer than the rebooted take as well. Because while this new version of the character technically is the one that should exist going forward, the original iteration of the character has become such an iconic foe for the series that he's continued to pop up in several unexpected ways. This version of Broly has kicked into a whole new level of power as well with his most recent appearance, so there's a good chance that we'll be seeing much more of this version in the future. 


As for the new Broly, he has yet to return to the franchise following his introduction to the series' canon in Dragon Ball Super: Broly. While he remains one of the strongest fighters in the series going forward, the series has yet to tap into that well of potential despite some of the major threats that have popped up in the manga. But what do you think? Which version of Broly do you like seeing in action more? Which version of Broly do you think would win in a fight between them? Let us know all of your thoughts about it and everything Broly in the comments!