Dragon Ball Explains How Broly Unlocked His New Form

Dragon Ball has come out with a new episode, and fans are leaning into the outrageous series with all their heart. After all, it is not every day that Broly makes a comeback, and that is just what the Saiyan did this week. The villain popped up to give Goku some grief, and after assuming a new form, fans learned how Broly managed to pull the power-up off.

As it turns out, Broly got his power from a rather interesting source. The information comes from the official Dragon Ball Heroes website, and Twitter user Chronicles translated the blurb for netizens. It was there fans learned more about Broly's comeback, and his new form came from his recent near-death experience.

Dragon Ball Super Broly
(Photo: Toei Animation)

Broly is said to have awakened from a deep sleep after he sensed Goku and Vegeta's power signatures in this latest episode. "Being healed from a near-to-death situation, he achieves an overwhelming power up," the summary reads.

Of course, this method is not new to the Saiyan race. In fact, fans of the franchise will recognize this technique by the name Zenkai or Saiyan Power. The tool is well-known in the franchise as Saiyans have the knack for powering up in a big way when their life is on the line. During the anime, almost all of the Saiyans we've met have used this power when a battle gets tough, and Cell managed to use it too. Now, Broly has joined the list of Saiyan heroes to unlock the power, and his recovery is what prompted Broly to give Super Saiyan 4 Limitbreaker a try.


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