Do You Remember How Brutal 'Dragon Ball Z' Was?

Dragon Ball Super has been showing off the craziest power levels and attacks to date, but you [...]

Dragon Ball Super has been showing off the craziest power levels and attacks to date, but you might have forgotten just how brutal Dragon Ball Z was.

The last episode of Dragon Ball Super had Goku defeat Kefla with the most impressive Kamehameha Wave in the series, but the Tournament of Power has rules against fatally damaging opponents or using outside weapons and items. Dragon Ball Z, however, had none of these restrictions.

Fans have sparked a conversation online as to Dragon Ball Z's "most brutal" moments, and it's a walk down a bloody memory lane. Reddit user jl_theprofessor notes the series isn't the bloodiest or the most "maniacal" but remembers how crazy it was watching Frieza blow up Krillin, "you see his body expand and then the cutaway just happens at the last second." This was even after Frieza had stabbed a spike through Krillin's chest and practically tortured him for a few episodes.

Krillin's death is notable for a number of reasons because it raised the stakes in the final battle with Frieza, and pushed Goku to transform into a Super Saiyan for the first time. Their final battle was also brutal in its own ways as Goku not only attacked more aggressively than he did in series past - his multiple slaps to Frieza's face are hilariously violent - but Frieza was cut in half by his own Destructo Disc technique.

Reddit user womplord1 mentions an often looked over moment: Spopovich's battle with Videl in the Buu saga. Before the Buu Saga kicked off in full, two mysterious bald men with veiny and bulging muscles named Spopovich and Yamu were part of an annual World Tournament. Videl faced Spopovich in the first round, and he brutally assaulted for an uncomfortable amount of time as Videl's attacks remained ineffective despite her skill. This attack might have revealed Spopovich and Yamu's darker intentions to gather souls and energy for the villainous wizard Babidi, but it was not until Videl had been beaten into an unrecognizable state.

Dragon Ball Super might have seen a lack of Yamcha as every one of his friends have surpassed his strength long ago, but Yamcha was a key figure in many of Dragon Ball Z's crucial turning points.

Yamcha was a victim in Vegeta and Nappa's first attack on the Earth as one of Nappa's Saibamen detonated himself while grabbing onto him. While the resulting Yamcha crater lead to one of Dragon Ball fandom's most famous meme images it's still a brutal scene. Yamcha found himself a victim much later as well during the Android saga when Dr. Gero not only drained his life energy, but drove his hand into Yamcha's chest.

The Android arc even leads to one of Dragon Ball Z's most iconic scenes as well when the mysterious warrior from the future, Trunks, slices a newly revived Frieza and his father into several pieces before blasting them away.

These are only a few examples of Dragon Ball Z's brutality of course, so what brutal moments do you remember most? Do you want to see more brutality in Dragon Ball Super? Talk to me @Valdezology.