Dragon Ball Z Cosplay Breaks All the Limits With Super Saiyan 3

Dragon Ball Z did some controversial things in its time, but one of the most debated topics comes down to Super Saiyan 3. The transformation is considered an outlier by most, but its debut during the Majin Buu saga was hugely important at the time. While some feel the form looks too bulky, other fans have come to its defense time and again. The secret of how Super Saiyan 3 came to be is still hidden to this day, but new details about the franchise are coming out all the time. And thanks to one cosplayer, fans have a solid lead on how to bring the Super Saiyan form to life IRL.

The Super Saiyan 3 form is one that changes the users far more than simply changing the color of their hair, giving them a far more serious demeanor while also changing the overall length of a Saiyan's hair and the shape of their brows. Though Super Saiyan 3 wasn't enough on its own to destroy Majin Buu, unlike the first two transformations that were ultimately responsible for the deaths of Freeza and Cell, making for a definite change of pace when it came to the last arc of the series. The transformation did have some serious drawbacks aside from making the user that much more different from their original appearance.

Instagram Cosplayer JacosPlayer captures the intensity of Dragon Ball's Goku in the Super Saiyan 3 form via some amazing cosplay, proving that there are definitely still some fans of the transformation that has taken a back seat to the likes of Super Saiyan God and Ultra Instinct:

Fans have been waiting for quite some time to see whether or not the Prince of the Saiyans would get the chance to transform into the form of Super Saiyan 3, with Vegeta recently using the transformation in the spin-off series of Super Dragon Ball Heroes. Vegeta currently relies on the transformation of Super Saiyan Blue, so we aren't sure if we'll ever see him with this trademark long hair!

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