Dragon Ball: Super Saiyan Kale Flexes in This Fit Cosplay

When it comes to Dragon Ball, fans have come to love the Saiyans living in Universe 6. Cabba was the first Saiyan fans met from the universe, but he was quickly joined by others like Kale and Caulifla. The trio became a major focus of Dragon Ball Super as audiences experienced a new kind of Saiyan adventure with them. And thanks to one popular cosplayer, fans have an idea of what Kale might look like in real life going Super Saiyan.

The impressive piece was done by ladysorrow68 on Instagram. The fan, who describes themselves as a fitness cosplayer, pulled all their interests together when they did a fit cosplay of Kale. The fitness guru decided to bring Kale's Super Saiyan Rage form to life, but they added in some Dragon Ball Super: Broly flair just because.

As you can see below, the artwork that inspired the cosplay blends Kale with Broly. The heroine's hair is on end as usual, but it has a light-green hue to it similar to Broly. The heroine is also wearing a green pelt around her waist like the one Broly wears in his latest film outing. When combined with her Saiyan armored shoes, Kale looks ready to join Broly in battle, and she has the power to stand alongside the legendary fighter.

Of course, ladysorrow68 pulls off this look with impressive ease. The Dragon Ball fan has a styled wig that defies gravity like all Super Saiyan hair should. The outfit match is spot-on here, and the fan even color matched the green pelt to stay on brand. The only difference between the looks here comes down to the cosplay's heeled boots, but we're confident Caulifla would sign off on the cute alteration.


What do you make of this gender-swapped concept art? Which female Saiyan should get to test out this form first? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!