Dragon Ball Heroes Reveals Ultra Instinct's New User

Dragon Ball made a big fuss when it introduced the world to Ultra Instinct. The form promised to be unlike any other seen in the series before, and Goku used Ultra Instinct to save the very existence of Universe 7. Of course, many began to wonder who would be the next hero in the series to tap into the power of Ultra Instinct, and it seems Super Dragon Ball Heroes has shared an answer to the question.

Recently, the non-canon franchise struck fan with a new promo for its next Big Bang Mission. The commercial highlights the arcade title's in-game story, so that means fans were reunited with Beat. The character, who is a long-lost descendant of Goku, is shown training hard with Whis. In fact, when the boy is in Dragon Ball Heroes, he seems plenty powerful as he begins fighting a few different Gods of Destruction.

It doesn't take him long to go Super Saiyan Blue, but his clash with Beerus makes Beat level up even further. The boy is forced to go beyond and tap into Ultra Instinct Omen. This means Beat is the second character in the overall franchise to use Ultra Instinct Sign even if it isn't viewed as canon... and fans have thoughts about the revelation.

After all, Ultra Instinct is a truly godly technique, and Goku's ability to use it set him apart from everyone else. If anyone were to tap into the force, many said it should be Vegeta. The truth is that Beat - well, the boy beat Vegeta to the punch. This over-powered Dragon Ball avatar has leveled up in a big way thanks to this form, so fans are eager to see which fighters will unlock Ultra Instinct next.


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