Hilarious Dragon Ball Z Art Imagines Vegeta's Reunion with Nappa and Raditz

Dragon Ball Z introduced us not only to the idea of the Saiyan race but also to the Prince of the Saiyans who would easily become one of the biggest favorites of the Saiyans in Vegeta, and while he arrived as a villain, his eventual turn to the side of heroes would certainly make for an awkward reunion with Nappa and Raditz as one fan demonstrates. What would make this reunion all the more awkward, of course, is the fact that Vegeta was responsible for killing Nappa, having destroyed the Saiyan warrior during the initial Saiyan arc.

We recently got to see all three of these Saiyans together, as the feature length film of Dragon Ball Super: Broly that gave us a window into the earlier years of Vegeta and Raditz, with an older Nappa overlooking them. With the three Saiyans living the typical alien race's modus operandi of invading planets and taking them over in order to sell them to the highest bidder, if not outright destroy them. Though Vegeta, as mentioned earlier, had the ability to live his life and let the influences of Earth make him a good guy, Nappa and Raditz never had that chance as they were both slain in the early days of the anime.

Twitter User Emiya Kellyl shared this hilarious reunion that sees Vegeta awkwardly invading Raditz and Nappa's meal following his death at the hands of Freeza:

In the anime spin-off game/series that is Dragon Ball Heroes, you did actually see Vegeta, Nappa, and Raditz return as a team, though considering how low Nappa and Raditz's power levels were in comparison to Vegeta, let alone the future Z Fighters, we'd have to imagine that they wouldn't be much of a threat. The Saiyan Saga is often considered one of the best story arcs to take place in the Dragon Ball Z anime, and it's definitely no surprise considering how emotional and action packed each episode could be.


It would be interesting to see if Raditz and Nappa, if they survived their encounters, would have followed Vegeta's path and become a part of the Z Fighters group as well. Certainly, we would have loved to see what Raditz and Nappa would have looked like officially as Super Saiyans if it were to happen!

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