Dragon Ball Super Rumor Suggests Vegeta Will Get a 'JoJo' Power

Vegeta was once the Prince of the Saiyans, and the Dragon Ball fighter has done a lot to live up to such a title. Time and again, Goku has been able to outdo him, but Vegeta seems to have leveled up if a new rumor is true. Ahead of the release of Dragon Ball Super's new chapter, a rumor has cropped up which suggests Vegeta is about to debut a power similar to one seen in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

The message comes from Dragon Ball Hype, a well-known fan page decided to all things Saiyan. It was there they relayed comments shared by someone who is rumored to have peeked the new chapter early, and the note is an interesting one. It suggests that Vegeta has a Stand of his own a la JoJo, and that has fans freaking out.

So far, there is no official word out there verifying the rumor, but fans are already trying to figure out how Vegeta may have unlocked a Stand-type attack. For those who do not keep up with JoJo, the series introduced Stands a few parts in. A Stand is essentially the fighting spirit of a person which manifests itself as an almost phantom attached to a fighter. In JoJo, these Stands are often given special powers and look vaguely human-ish, so fans are eager to see how this rumor plays out.

dragon ball jojo vegeta

After all, Vegeta has been doing a lot of training on Yardrat, and it has involved his spirit. The fighter has been practicing Spirit Control which is what allows Goku to use Instant Transmission. But if the fighter is able to use his training in a different way, Vegeta may leave Yardrat with a Stand at his back, and Moro would certainly be surprised by that.


For now, fans will have to wait for this new chapter's official release to see if the rumors are true. The update is slated to go live later this week, so fans will not have to wait long. And if the report is right, it seems like Vegeta is about to get the power up netizens have been begging for!

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