Dragon Ball Z Cosplay Unleashes The Fury Of Gohan

Gohan might never ascend to becoming the main protagonist of the Dragon Ball series, with his father Goku holding fast to the title of the top Saiyan especially with the transformation of Ultra Instinct under his belt, but that isn't stopping fans from remembering the time when he briefly was the strongest fighter in the universe with one fan giving us a rather unique cosplay from the time period! Unleashing the force of Super Saiyan 2 to destroy Dr. Gero's ultimate creation in Cell, Gohan earned a moment that many consider to be one of the biggest moments in Dragon Ball Z!

Gohan did have moments to shine in the latest series of Dragon Ball Super, having trained to once again achieve his "Ultimate/Mystic" power up prior to the Tournament of Power. In training with Piccolo, Gohan was able to once again reach heights that he had hit in Dragon Ball Z during the Majin Buu saga, though his power still seems to pale in comparison to that of Goku and Vegeta currently. Luckily, Gohan has also made a big splash in the recent Moro Arc in Dragon Ball Super, performing a number of team up attacks with his mentor in Piccolo, but it doesn't seem as if Gohan will be the one to deliver the final blow against the evil wizard!

Instagram Cosplayer TailorEnn gave us this fantastic cosplay that shows off Gohan during one of his most pivotal moments, being given an outfit that mimics that of his mentor Piccolo and got him ready to battle against Cell in the anime's second big arc:

Gohan is one of the more unique characters in the Dragon Ball franchise, not fully wanting to follow in his father's footsteps but instead, attempting to balance a world of brawling with that of education as he has trained both his body and mind to not only become a Z Fighter, but a scholar as well.

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