Dragon Ball Super Wrecks Gohan with a Gnarly Punch

Dragon Ball Super's latest chapter saw Gohan catch a serious beatdown alongside his dad and the rest of the Z-Fighter crew. New series villain Moro escaped near-defeat by Vegeta (and the new Spirit Fission technique) by absorbing evil android Seven-Three. Now Moro has achieved a form even more powerful than anything his magic ever allowed him to - and in Dragon Ball Super chapter 62, Moro wastes no time putting his new power into practice against Goku and his allies! What unfolds next is one of the bloodiest, goriest, Dragon Ball chapters ever, and Gohan (despite his best efforts) can't avoid getting wrecked by Moro!

In Dragon Ball Super chapter 62 things go from bad to worse, real quickly. Moro restores his full magical might and reveals that he has Seven-Three's ability to copy the powers of any fighter he grabs - without the limitation of only 30 minutes of use. With that enhancement literally in hand, Moro first strikes at Vegeta, seizing the Saiyan Prince and copying his new powers, which have finally surpassed even Goku's strength.

With Moro now holding tall the cards in terms of power, the Z-Fighters launch a desperate attack against the villain. Vegeta tries to rage out with his new power level and gets thrashed by his own Big Bang blast attack; Gohan and Piccolo try their tag-team attack and similarly get beaten up. However, Gohan tries to put some strategy behind his power and ensnare Moro with a new energy ring attack, so that Goku can blast him point-blank with a Kamehameha. But that well-executed plan ends up going horribly sideways!

Dragon Ball Super Gohan Vs Moro Manga 62 Spoilers
(Photo: Shonen Jump Magazine)

Moro survives the blast using Piccolo's limb generation and retaliates by punching right through Goku's chest. Seeing Goku downed and (fatally) injured, Gohan snaps. He comes at Moro with the power boost of a Saiyan's rage behind him, but it doesn't matter: Moro smacks Gohan in the face with one punch that gruesomely bashes in Gohan's nose and smashes several of his teeth right out of his mouth. Gohan is left laid out on the ground at Moro's back, with Goku laid out (and presumably dying) at Moro's front. As far as Dragon Ball visuals go, this is about as grim as it gets.


Dragon Ball Super has now made it all but impossible to avoid some big questions about how the status quo will be forever changed, going forward. With the Z-Fighters all out of commission, it's now fallen on the grace of the angels to save Earth.

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