Dragon Ball Z Artwork Dives Deeper Into Little-Known Vegeta Scene

In the many years of history that make up Akira Toriyama's popular Shonen series, the characters [...]

In the many years of history that make up Akira Toriyama's popular Shonen series, the characters of Dragon Ball have grown a lot. There may be no character that has grown more than Vegeta, who originally started out as an evil Saiyan looking to destroy the world and wish for immortality, eventually letting Earth's influence calm him down and start a family. Having a son and a daughter with Bulma, a little known Dragon Ball Z scene has been rediscovered and turned into an amazing piece of fan art, introducing Vegeta to his future mother in law!

Twitter User Lemdraws shared this amazing art work that re-imagines one of the first times that Vegeta meets Panchy, with the Saiyan Prince having started to live on Earth following his arrival after the destruction of Namek at the hands of the alien despot, Frieza:

Panchy had her daughter Bulma with Dr. Briefs, the genius inventor who helped create the company that is Capsule Corp. While Bulma gets her smarts from her father, Panchy has been a ray of sunshine whenever she appears in the Dragon Ball franchise. While Vegeta was training on earth thanks to the gravity machine created by Bulma's father, he ran into Panchy and thus met his future mother in law in the process.

Bulma and Vegeta always had a strange relationship, with the two never formerly tying the knot, even with two kids between them. The relationship of course was revealed during the Cell Saga, where a Future Trunks traveled back to the past to save Goku's life and attempt to stop the future apocalypse caused by Androids 17 and 18. Perhaps some day, wedding bells will ring and we'll see an official wedding take place in the franchise.

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