Edens Zero May Run Longer Than Its Creator Expected

Edens Zero has plenty of eyes on it these days, and that is thanks to its recent boost in popularity. With an anime on the way, things are getting bigger than ever for its heroes. Of course, creator Hiro Mashima is well aware of the increased scrutiny on his beloved sci-fi romp, and it sounds like the series may run longer than he expected.

Recently, Mashima admitted the surprising detail when he did an interview with Mantan Web. It was there the famed manga artist said he once believed Edens Zero would last about 30 volumes, but he has found so much more in the story than he ever expected.

(Photo: J.C. Staff)

According to an interview summary by 11thDoctr, "Hiro says even though he thought Edens Zero will last around 30 volumes at first, it might not end there because ideas keep coming to him one after the other and the more he draws, the more he's enjoying it and having fun!" Clearly, Mashima is having fun with the high-tech world he built in the stars, so there will be more content coming from Edens Zero.

As for what this means timeline-wise, well - no one knows. There are 12 volumes of Edens Zero out currently with a slew of chapters not yet included in a trade. If Mashima's math had been right, Edens Zero would be close to halfway done by now, but that is not the case anymore. It seems Shiki and Rebecca have ensnared the artist, so the two have a lot more adventures on the horizon.


If you want to read this series for yourself, then Kodansha has you covered. The publisher oversees distribution of the manga in English, so you can find Edens Zero on Comixology as well as online retailers such as Amazon.

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