Edens Zero Creator Teases the Series' Evolving Themes

Edens Zero creator Hiro Mashima is teasing the series' evolving themes! Following the end of his previous work, Fairy Tail, Edens Zero has been making leaps all on its own as it crossed over the 100 chapter mark last year. Not only that, but the franchise is gearing up to be even bigger fairly soon as Edens Zero will be making its anime debut later this Spring. As the original manga run continues, however, fans are beginning to see even more shifts in its themes and tone from Mashima's previous works. Mashima even teased this further himself as he noted how things will be changing even more.

In a recent interview with the Animate Times (as translated by @11thDoctr on Twitter), Hiro Mashima revealed that while Edens Zero has paralleled many of Fairy Tail's light hearted themes such as family, friendship, and more, it seems that will begin to change as the series progresses and Shiki and the Edens Zero crew make it closer to the ominous Mother at the center of it all.

Edens Zero Shiki Anime
(Photo: J.C. Staff)

"At the moment, we're continuing the themes from Fairy Tail such as friendship, family and battles," Mashima began, "but the theme may change a little by the end. I can't say that here yet." When pressed further about what this ominous tease could mean, Mashima clarified that while he's not moving forward with the direct intention to change the themes, the "may change when the mystery of Mother is revealed," Mashima states as he's still not entirely sure what will happen going forward.

The newest chapters of the series seem to be teasing this especially, but fans have already seen the darker tales that exist out in Edens Zero's universe through the first few major arcs of the series. The "Mother" at the center of the universe remains the biggest goal and mystery for Shiki and the other members of the Edens Zero crew, and it's clear that when this does come into play it'll be a big shift for the entire series.

But what do you think? Curious to see how much more intense Edens Zero will be getting as the series continues? What do you think of the series' current run so far? Excited to see when it makes its anime debut this April? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!