'Dragon Ball Super' Dub Preview Sees Vegeta Fight Universe 6's Saiyan, Cabba

Dragon Ball Super fans who are watching the English dub of the series are currently up to the [...]

Dragon Ball Super fans who are watching the English dub of the series are currently up to the Universe 6 arc, with a competition between Universe 6 and 7 taking place. This tournament is to decide who get the Super Dragon Balls, which are seven planet-sized orbs that are scattered across the two universes. Unlike the Namekian Dragon Balls, these have no limitations when it comes to wished and Universe 6's God of Destruction in Champa wants to use them to send earth to his universe.

Due to the fantastic food that Universe 7 has, Beerus refuses to allow this and so they both compete for the orbs in this tournament. In episode 37 of Dragon Ball Super, fans are about to see Universe 6's Saiyan's in action. With Cabba taking on the prince of all Saiyan's in Vegeta. Cabba has been watching Vegeta closely and has even been able to master some of Vegeta's techniques, including the Glaick Gun.

Universe 6's Saiyan are quite different to Universe 7's, as they are protectors of the universe, instead of space pirates like they were in Universe 7. That makes them kind-hearted and Vegeta sees them as weak. Cabba and the other Universe 6 Saiyan's have never seen the Super Saiyan transformation and so Vegeta chooses to give him a brutal first look up close of the transformation.

Vegeta won't be holding back too much and Cabba will also give it his all, however, Vegeta is too strong and easily beats up his opponent. Cabba will take the hits and as a result, he will improve as a fighter, as Goku and Vegeta do when they lose a battle. This could be the episode where Cabba lets loose and awakens the power hidden within him, as he too is a Saiyan with pride. This will be a great fight between two Saiyan's from two different worlds.

(Photo: Toei Animation)