Evangelion Creator to Get Special Art Exhibition

My Hero Academia has been receiving a lot of fanfare thanks to the Smash Art Exhibit that has [...]

My Hero Academia has been receiving a lot of fanfare thanks to the Smash Art Exhibit that has opened its doors in Japan, featuring artwork from both the franchise's creator Kohei Horikoshi and other popular mangakas, and it seems as if Hideaki Anno of Evangelion fame will be receiving similar tribute with an upcoming exhibition of his own. With the latest, and final, movie in the Rebuild of Evangelion series having landed in Japan earlier this year, managing to be the most successful film in the franchise at the box office, the story of NERV and the EVA pilots is back in the public eye.

Following the release of the final film, the future of Evangelion is up in the air, with no new anime projects being announced that will revisit the world of NERV. This doesn't mean however that Hideaki Anno is retiring by any stretch of the imagination, as he will be diving back into familiar territory, specifically the world of "Shin," Anno cut his teeth on the live-action film of Shin Godzilla and is looking to expand the realistic take on the fantastical world with the upcoming films of Shin Ultraman and Shin Kamen Rider respectively.

Evangelion Hideaki Anno
(Photo: Gainax)

The Hideaki Anno Exhibition will open its doors beginning this October 1st, staying open for a little over two months and closing its doors on December 19th, and is being touted as housing "pre-production material, handwritten memos, sketches, miniatures," and more.

Neon Genesis Evangelion first premiered as a television series in 1995, with twenty-six episodes introducing viewers to a world in which humanity employs bizarre mechs in order to battle against the extraterrestrial threats known as Angels. Taking a decidedly more cerebral approach to the story of Shinji Ikari and his fellow EVA pilots, the series is still considered to be one of the best anime franchises introduced within the medium.

While Anno might be best known for his work in creating Evangelion, anime fans might not know that the prolific creator also had a hand in the creation of Studio Ghibli's first film, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, getting his start thanks to an ad that was printed by the rookie studio at the time as they were in desperate need of additional animators.

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