Evangelion Final Film Midnight Screening Delayed Due To Covid-19

Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0 is the final film of the Rebuild of Evangelion franchise, and though it is slated to be released later this year following its initial delay due to the coronavirus pandemic, and it seems as if the midnight screenings for the film have suffered a similar fate according to the official social media account of the film! The film was originally set to arrive last summer, but was understandably delayed, and while the midnight screening were set to take place on January 23rd, they too have had to be pushed back as a result of COVID-19.

Evangelion first hit the scene with its manga and television series titled Neon Genesis Evangelion, following the disturbing adventures of Shinji Ikari and the organization of NERV as they attempted to battle the extraterrestrial threat known as the angels. Though this story ended years ago, the current film franchise has taken a brand new approach at telling the story, introducing new characters and threats for the EVA pilots to overcome. With the Rebuild of Evangelion film franchise, we've seen a new world explored, with Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0: Thrice Upon A Time acting as the final entry in the series that has given fans a brand new look into this twisted world.

Evangelion's Official Twitter Account shared the news that the original January 23rd midnight screenings in Japan would be delayed as a result COVID-19:

The Official Statement for the delay reads as such:


"Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection and the shortening of business hours of some movie theaters due to the announcement of the state of emergency in response to it , Saturday, January 23, 0:00 (= Friday, January 22) ) We have decided to cancel the world's fastest screening of "Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version" scheduled from 24:00). Therefore, the scheduled ticket handling from 0:00 on January 13 (Wednesday) will also be cancelled. We deeply apologize to everyone who looked forward to it."

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